Re: Highway 375 and the Black Mailbox

Message posted by Gregos on September 17, 2015 at 12:19:33 PST:

Personally, my favorite hands down is the "Hidden Campsite." Just before you get to the Black Mailbox (which is no longer there BTW). The hidden campsite is a few hundred feet off the road so someone won't crash into you in the middle of the night and what little traffic does go by won't ruin your night vision. I was just there a few weeks ago in a rental car and the dirt road was okay. Nissan Rouge I think?

Second, is "Alantown." Named after DLR member Alan G, who posts under Neonsky. You can't miss Alantown because of the 40 foot high gravel pile about 10 miles before you get to Coyote Summit. This is an awesome site for Red Flag as they seem to buzz Alan's fifth wheel every time he camps there! Maybe 50 yards off of HWY 375. Again, safe from being creamed by a semi in the middle of the night!

Coyote Summit is also a good one.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!!!

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