Rachel field trip

Message posted by Roger M on September 08, 2015 at 7:52:41 PST:

Nice trip out to Rachel a couple of weeks ago.

First off was a flight of four F-15's in formation about 150' off the deck by the Hancock Summit, followed about 30 seconds later by another flight of four f-15's in formation.

These guys were just East of the highway, but not by more than 1/8th of a mile at most.

This was followed 5 minutes later by two sonic booms, with whatever caused them very high and very fast above my truck.
I had a wide angle lens on my camera, and just couldn't get my camera out fast enough for either fly-by.

All followed up by a tasty burger and fries at the Inn before heading back to civilization.

Weather was super-hot (Mojave had an extreme heat warning out), but it was marginally cooler up at Rachel's elevation than it was in Las Vegas.

Super trip all the way around ... as I explained to my daughter, lots of folks come out this way and don't see anything, so 8 X F-15's and two sonic booms definitely rates as a "something"!


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