Re: Glenn Campbell plays with the Cammo Dudes

Message posted by Desert Shadow on August 28, 2015 at 18:09:46 PST:

I did indeed wrap my head in tinfoil at the border. I used to do tours. Met some great people and had some real fun. That's what Area 51 is to me. I am not really into the Military history even though i was in the USMC for eight years! I am more into the folklore that surounds Area 51. Glenn is a good person. If it was anyone other then Glenn who did that, I would of had the same reaction as you did. I never bug the Cammo Dudes. I am afraid if you don't understand Glenn or the tinfoil on the head, you are really missing what Area 51 represents. Each person has their own reasons for making the trek out there. Enjoy your time out there and be safe. There is plenty of room for all types out there. i'll buy you an Alien Burger next time you are out there!

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