Re: Glenn Campbell plays with the Cammo Dudes

Message posted by FosterVS on August 28, 2015 at 17:19:47 PST:

I have it on good authority that the camo dudes are bored out their skulls sitting in their shack waiting for something to happen. Trailing somebody in the desert gives them something to do other than watching monitors and eating TV dinners. This came from an ex-camo dude, who still is in contact with current dudes.

I treat these guys with the utmost respect, never cross the border, never try and hide, never do anything that could be considered threatening. I stick to the trails, I don't go wandering off through the brush, and I ALWAYS give them a friendly wave when I see them and when I leave. I never zoom in on their faces, nor post pictures of their faces on the internet.

Sneaking around behind security personnel, then basically jumping out at them with a camera pointed at them, is almost grounds for getting a cap(s) in your balding ass.

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