Red Eagles 4477th TES

Message posted by Don on July 19, 2015 at 19:19:04 PST:

Just want to share with this forum readers group... I met a former pilot from the 4477th recently. He was very interesting to talk to and even signed my copy of the Red Eagles book. I encourage any reader here to read the books and remember the names, ya never know when you run into someone familiar in those books. These guys are now out working for airlines and aviation companies. The story is about how the US used Mig fighters to train the USAF and USN on adversary planes. What they look like, how fast they fly, how they fight, etc'. The guy I met was a former F-15 pilot from Nellis that went to the 4477th. His favorite was the Mig-21. Their service to this country is awesome and appreciated! Thanks Bandit 62!!


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