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The Soviet craft utilized radar absorbant in aerosol form that was sprayed out of pipes running along the leading edges of the wings and other nozzels along the main airframe--I saw a photo of the craft; it was really an abortion, but it worked. It made a successful run on an American carrier--was visibly sighted by the crew before the radar saw anything, at about three miles. CAP was scrambled to escort the visitor out of the area, and, when it turned, the radar saw it. About 20 miles out it briefly turned inbound again and the radar couldn't see it, but it could see the CAP that was escorting it. I also saw the radar data, being that I had just gone to school on that particular naval search radar.

All this being a way to say that it don't have to be high tech!

And, yes, Joerg, I will more likely respond rather than post, but in this case I just wanted to see what the interest in stealth was.

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