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Message posted by WheresJanet on June 25, 2015 at 22:41:02 PST:

Area 51 first off is a US Air Force Installation! NOT a CIA black site! I am pretty sure they are NOT exempt from a congress security mandate. If you recall when the government had their "shutdown" the Janet's out at KLAS were grounded for a few days!

Also the security at Area 51 now wear ABU's... Of course there are a ton of contractors at Area 51 but that doesn't mean the security is. (as of now (2015). It would probably be pretty accurate to say Area 51 is GOCO (Govt Owned Contractor Operated) much like USAF Plant 42 which by the way use military and federal DAF police!!

@Ronin84790----- URS provides the stewardesses for the Janet fleet... The company I believe you are referring to off of Cheyenne Ave NOT Craig rd is CSC. CSC provides electrical, maintenance, engineers etc. But if you really want to get in to more detailed information PAE took over the CSC office off of cheyenne ave in NLV.

Now as far as JT3 goes what they do is pretty known. Such as range management...supplying the range with electronic tracking mock SAM's etc. JT3 does the same thing out at Edwards, NTTR and UTTR.

My point is the security at Area 51 is Federal now.
If you disagree then I guess that means you are starting to peer into the conspiracy world. Not really my thing!

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