Tonopah and Terraserver

Message posted by Rodeo65 on June 14, 2015 at 13:50:11 PST:

Terraserver has a partial photo of Tonopah dated 5/5/15. It mainly covers the hanger area. There appears to be a lot of activity around a hanger located at: 3748'18.19"N 11646'42.46"W. Besides the vehicles, there is a helicopter in front of it. There also was a twin prop aircraft at 3748'26.96"N 11646'43.35"W. My first thoughts were that this was a C-27 but as far as I know, the Air Force isn't flying them any more. I am wondering if there was some sort of "Show and Tell" event going on the day the picture was taken.

I tried posting this before but I don't know what happened. Sorry if it show up again.


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