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I'm pretty sure the trucks will not be heading north on route 375. When I was researching Queen City Summit looking for tips on the nuclear hot spots there I found a report indicating that the grade of Queen City Summit would slow down the trucks and make them a target for terrorists (AKA evil-doers).

The relevant section of the report follows, and I have also included a link to it.
The State of Nevada believes that the definition of route features that result in a significantly tactically disadvantageous position should explicitly include the steep grades and sharp curves typically associated with high mountain passes on western highways. There are numerous examples along the NDOT B Route [White Horse Pass, Currant Summit, Black Rock Summit, Sandy Summit, Warm Springs Pass, Tonopah Summit, Goldfield Summit, Stonewall Pass] and along the proposed HHT route from Caliente to NTS [Oak Springs Summit, Pahroc Summit, Hancock Summit, Coyote Summit, Queen City Summit]. These grades, often as steep as 5 to 7 percent, require trucks ascending passes to slow down to speeds of 35 miles per hour or less in good weather. Even slower speeds are required during winter storms. Cautious driving is also required when tractor trailers descend from these summits. Both the steep grades and the sharp curves associated with these passes will make continuous visual contact between the shipment vehicle and any escort vehicles difficult. More importantly, the slow speed of trucks climbing these grades, combined with grade lengths of four to six miles or more, will make shipments more vulnerable to attack while moving. The terrain along these route segments frequently includes dropoffs into deep canyons or river valleys that would make response to an attack or recovery of a cask, damaged or not, quite difficult. The rough terrain, coupled with the remoteness and isolation of many highway segments, would provide potential attackers with hiding places and escape routes.

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