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No problemo. I was planning on doing that as it's much easier to read when sorted by type. I used to print it out and take it up to Nellis for Launch & Recovery like a theatre playbill or an Audubon bird book. Although the birds I prefer to watch can go 1,500 miles an hour and rain death from before you know what hit you! :)

Hey speaking of which I used hate my scanner's speaker when going out to Nellis. I'm deaf as a post from too much heavy metal. Anyway, I bought an iPod interface for my car radio some years back which also had a 3.5mm audio jack as well as the iPod connector. That made the scanner awesome because you could really blast it over the jet noise. Well, the interface went dodgy about a year ago so I've been thinking about a new car radio with an aux input. My wife got me a JBL Clip Speaker for Christmas. It's pretty freakin' load for it's size and price. It would make a nice accessory for anyone's portable scanner in the bush. Small, light weight and loud for $45 bucks. The only con I have is it's internal battery just died today so I plugged it in for a recharge. I was bummed when I saw the connector was not the USB to mini USB like most accessories. Now I have to carry another cable albeit it's only 1 foot long but still one more thing to forget...

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