Re: Area 51 dirt

Message posted by NashGuy on December 30, 2014 at 4:18:05 PST:

Hey guys...thanks for the replies! I knew there had to be someone else that snagged some dirt! lol...i was in Vegas all last week for Christmas and went to the back gate at area 51...took a lot of pics and got a bag full of dirt from right outside the gate...i got it just for fun but was curious if anyone else had done that...and if i was gonna grow a third arm! LOL...Weird thing is i didn't see any guards..i got their about 45 minutes before sundown...I was sure they were hiding in one of the little buildings with the tinted windows...about a half hour after it got dark, a truck came down the road from the restricted side of the gate...he pulled off and stopped, and then turned he was checking something...then came all the way up to the furthest building back and pulled into it was a garage...i was thinking maybe he was coming to change shifts with another guard, but no one else ever left...This was Friday, the day after Christmas...Maybe they were all on Christmas break!..never saw any jets or anything...Just a shit load of satellites and some shooting stars. Still pretty cool though!

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