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Message posted by Gregos on December 29, 2014 at 19:48:39 PST:


I collected some dirt from the restricted border when I first started visiting Area 51 -like half a homer bucket full. Not a dump truck load or anything...

I put some of the sand in some medium size pill bottles and printed a label for it. I put the Open Range sign on it and printed Area 51 Dirt with the GPS coordinates, etc. I gave them to my nephews etc just for goofs. I made like a dozen or so. But the funny thing is I did sell a few at my yard sale once.

I was really worried about radioactive fallout when I first started visiting Rachel and Area 51. My wife and I didn't drink coffee at the Inn for a few years because we heard there was a lot of cancer cases. I bought a cheap CD Victoreen geiger counter off of ebay. Of course the dirt read zero when I tested it. The geiger counter was listed as calibrated and I know it at least worked. I had a nuclear stress test done once where they inject you with the radioactive jizz-whah. The thing pegged to the max on the two lowest settings when I broke it out! But anyway, like Mark said, it's nothing special, just sand and dirt and rocks. Why would anyone want it?

Now, don't ask me about the gravel piles all over the place. That's a whole other story!

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