Re: Mi-Groom-29...Or is it?

Message posted by Richard on March 04, 2002 at 14:39:10 PST:


Perhaps you can explain this...
Can you tell me why the USAF still insist on basing Mig-29s at Groom Lake for trials and DACM against the USAF Pilots?
Why not base them at Nellis with the Aggressor Vipers?

Here in Europe, seeing NATO aircraft (F16s, Tornados, F15s etc) up against 'NATO' Mig-29s of the German AF is common, and there is really no need to base such 'old' technology in a secret facility.
We are still seeing Russian aircraft being tested and flown from Groom Lake whether it be trials or DACM, when we have here in Europe, more advanced Russian technology flying around at our airshows and letting people sit in the cockpits, including High ranking USAF officers let alone having normal everyday civilians paying a few thousand (pounds or dollars) to fly a Mig-29 Fulcrum and Su-27 Flanker, after a weeks course in an L-39 for training!! This is has been frequent for western civilians.
Surely the Fulcrum(s)would be better suited at Nellis and be much cheaper than being based at a secret facility where the DACM pilots up against the Mig cannot even fly into themselves? Im sure there is no more 'technology' to find out from the Fulcrum, after all these years, and of course, studying German examples left over from the collapse of the Soviet Union.
It intrigues me why the USAF are still doing this...
Or am i just missing something?


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