Re: Again - NEW Area 51 program on NatGeo

Message posted by Pinyon72 on December 12, 2014 at 13:48:24 PST:

hmmm, a reasonable treatment, I suppose, but I was irritated by the narratorís pretentious use of the present tense to describe the past. And the frequent suggestions that we knew very little about The Area until the CIA document release of 2013.

Still, my good friends Tony B, TD and The Merlin all made great contributions.

Iím included in the credits at the end as a supplier of footage. I had forgotten about this. But please note that I was not responsible for them misrepresenting an aerial photo of a U-2R parked at McCoy AFB, FL as having been taken by a Russian satellite over Groom Lake, nor for them suggesting that a line-up of U-2Rs at Edwards North Base was also taken at Groom.

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