Re: Deceptively hard SR-71 question

Message posted by gordy on November 06, 2014 at 0:14:39 PST:

Fly out of Burbank? Really? Right downtown with an afterburner takeoff like never seen Physically do-able on a cool day with sea level D/A. That would be a questionable tactic, considering the cold war and what we were trying to accomplish, post Bay of Pigs. I remember taxiing by the plant at Burbank and the "secure" area on the SE corner of the runway. Armed guards still there in the mid to late 70s. Still touchy, in fact, into the 80's. I remember ATC warning of "company traffic" refueling over Beale and points south along the corridor, preparing for a long range mission. That pencil thin black outline would depart the KC135 "racetrack" and disappear so quickly into the stratosphere it wasn't even funny. Great times for sure.

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