Trip report

Message posted by Don on November 05, 2014 at 16:45:17 PST:

Well here we go reporting a Tikaboo report.

First off anybody reading this should pay close attention to the warnings about attempting this climb to the top of Tikaboo Peak. From the camp area you will have to carry water for this climb. (1 gal = 8 pounds) The first ľ mile is easy the next is not. From the start you have a mild grade up, after a 1/2 mile you find a new grade of long pretty steep mountain rock climbing trail. From there you enter the 600 feet of hell, the 45 degree or better loose rock trail that you will wish you brought a climbing stick or ski pole. Then steady walk toward and around big rock and up you go to the peak another 500 feet over steep boulders. Now consider what you want to bring up there. (Tent/sleeping bag/pillow/camera/scanner/food/water) It all adds up and my first climb was 80 pounds of gear. Second 69 pounds. Not a good load for anyone that has never done this before. The down side of staying up there long term 3 days or longer is you have to bring all that gear up. You will run out of water fast. I suggest you bring Gatorade instead of water, and eat pickles before you climb. The top is interesting and you will see the remote wifi camera looking at you attached to the antenna tower. The view is best in the morning with the sun behind you but do not expect aircraft other than Janets during that time. I spent two nights up there during October 2014 the first night was uneventful. I did hear stuff on the scanner for fast taxi tests but saw nothing. The second night was cool, something flew over slow, I could tell It was two or more jet engines, could not see it, all black sky and stars. Wish I had a PVS-14. No nav lights just the sound of a low and slow flyby. Iím pretty sure they saw me on thermal or IR. No big deal I figure the new thing bomber/drone whatever will show up on the public news someday like the F-117A did. Iím not in a hurry to see it just glad the USAF has it and can maintain the edge over our enemies. It is probably not a good time to be ISIL/ISIS whatever they label themselves right now. Death is coming to them. They will never know what happened, actually I hope a few do see it and understand the fury of the USAF.


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