F-117 Windshield Wipers

Message posted by Brian L on October 16, 2014 at 20:57:50 PST:

Interesting short article in Aviation Week on the recently unveiled Lockheed Martin UCLASS mockup, recently unveiled at Skunkworks in Palmdale. The engine inlet is protected by a grid design to conceal the engine face from radar. The article notes that the F-117 used this technique for its two engines, but the grid would accumulate ice. The pilot would activate a retractable "Squeegee" deicing fluid dispenser to remove the ice. Anyone seen a photo of this in action?

Attached link: http://awin.aviationweek.com/ArticlesStory.aspx?id=26c30fda-b735-4fc1-ab6f-d0802aa1ff14


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