Re: Groom Lake RCS Range.

Message posted by Eagle Scout on October 02, 2014 at 11:11:34 PST:

The inflatable things never really worked--to hard to secure and index the target. But the intense interest in the concept--"Hey engineers, can't you find a way to mount our models on something with an RCS of, say, air?"--gives some indication of the levels they needed to measure, and therefore the RCS values they were (at least trying to) reach.

The range is used as an antenna (ie, not RCS) range nowadays, AFAIK. DYCOMS and other systems have taken the place of this range.

Not to mention that a great deal of RCS testing goes on at other locations, where a model may be transported and handled with adequate security without disrupting all the other goings-on at Groom. Most of these places are as busy at night as they are in daylight hours.

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