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Message posted by NoOne on September 30, 2014 at 22:39:55 PST:

"There was no attempt to hide the existence of the place in the photos. If it wasn't meant to be seen, it would not have been seen. There aren't other clouds in the area because the "cloudy" photo is surrounded by imagery from a different date."

Indeed and actually if one looks at the edge of the 7/29/2007 image directly West and South of Darwin there are few thin clouds (about 10 miles from the JCIF) indicating there were clouds around in 7/29. In addition have a look at the large water tank North of Darwin and note the sun/shadow angle in the 7/29/2007 image. Then have a look at the clouds over the JCIF - notice where they cast a shadow. Just to sum up what you have already said - no conspiracy here,, move on.


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