China Lake

Message posted by Dave on September 27, 2014 at 21:05:42 PST:

What is this on China Lake? Google Earth in earlier photos used to obscure this with smoke.Earlier (timeline photos are interesting) In the middle of

Lat 36.125916
Lon -117.539440

Structures (Antennas- haven't been there long.) If you notice, the "runway" is perfectly level with washes running under it. (The second one was built several years after the shorter one.)
I feel it is used for a runway as it is abt. 2 miles long and perfectly level. It was very interesting how some of the first photos of this structure were covered by smoke in obvious coverup, so must have been important enough to obscure from surveillance. Similar smoke has been used to obscure the runway on San Nicholas island (Navy base) off Calif coast.

On another note, I had an electrical construction worker friend who back in late 80s was bused in blacked-out buses to this general area south of Darwin to build what he believed was a ground-based laser system in substantial, compartmentalized, cement block buildings. He believed it was powered by the Coso Geothermal plant which was actually built to power the laser.You can follow arrow straight tracks from Coso plant to this area (buried underground power lines?) He later "committed suicide by gunshot" identically to the way a friend of his died 2 years earlier, who also worked at this construction. (They both had loose tongues when drinking). Coincidentally the Shuttle Columbia passed directly over this location as it disintegrated. Hmmm.


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