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Message posted by Gimbal on September 11, 2014 at 2:13:54 PST:

For a lay over or even just positioning itself closer to Europe or the Middle East the USAF would not use a UK research and test facility. The SR71 was based in Norfolk so Lakenheath or Mildenhall would be more a likely location for a top secret article which could make its way down the North Sea, have a short flight over some pretty sparsely populated areas and once it has landed it could hide in one of the many hangers.
This type of aircraft would require specialist crews and equipment plus exotic fuels it would not appear unusual to locals near those bases to see C5's etc. coming in and unloading cargo, equipment and personnel. I am not convinced the SR71 was ever replaced I think a combination of Satellites and U2's took up the mantle.

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