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Message posted by greatguess on August 29, 2014 at 14:51:09 PST:

when we designed and built the hangar at Edwards South Base for the B2 the Air Force (at command level - not program level) decided to make the hangar capable of handling the tallest aircraft in the inventory instead of building a squat hangar for just the B2. If it had been up to the program office the hangar doors would have been the same height as the doors on the engine run dock - just reasonably higher than the B2. black programs look out for themselves and are not into doing the "right" thing for the whole AF team unless the money to make it "right" comes on top of their funding.

also - There was really no requirement to build the large production building at Site 4 (plant 42) as tall as it is but once again AF command stepped up and found the delta funds.


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