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Message posted by themadgenius on August 29, 2014 at 12:42:01 PST:

I regard your opinion highly!

I've just heard alot of chatter recently about the lack of declassification over the decades. So those test articles and support for there development and sustainment had to go somewhere. Either the trash can or storage. That is what the chattering is alluding to.

I don't know if you have sources inside and I'm not asking you could be right in that there is room in the barns.

Can you allude to any classified programs being destroyed or still kept for storage? What is your take on the lack of declassification? I know you can be the person to correct people when it comes to these matters.

Another question though, Why such a big building? If the shape of the test aircraft is delta wing, you could put it in a much smaller building or lower height building for being a Scoot-n-Hide? I guess that does allude to its dimensions. Which means the aircraft has to sit about 20-25 ft off the ground. That is from where the wheel contacts the ground to the highest point on the plane.

The crane gives us a good dimension of its hieght. I peg at about 50ft. The upper half of the hangar is probably steel trusseling. One could also use the boom arm of the crane to roughly get the length/width of the hangar. GIS imagery would be also just as good.

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