Re: Edwards South Base & Increases in Security

Message posted by Brian Liddicoat on August 25, 2014 at 13:50:29 PST:

Not to get bogged down in nomenclature, but I think what we're speculating on is the RQ-180, not the -170. RQ-170 Sentinel generally refers to the small stealthy UAV that crashed in Iran (last year?). T

What AvWeek calls the RQ-180 is supposed to be a very large (at least 130ft wingspan) ISR UAV being tested at Groom. AvWeek keeps insisitng that RQ-180 is close to being operationally deployed. Perhaps that's what's coming to Edwards.

Hope that the increased security won't mean closure of the airspace on weekends. Flying in my Cessna 172 between Bay Area and Palm Springs or Phoenix, it's always been great to be cleared to fly over Edwards on Sundays. Passengers love seeing the huge compass rose on Rogers Dry Lake.

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