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Message posted by greatguess on August 21, 2014 at 10:50:18 PST:

i don't think the rq-170 is what's in the hangar at groom right now but i may be wrong. i don't know what is using the hangar- the building is way to big for the rq-170. perhaps the rq-170 is there and will soon be gone when the "real thing" that dictated the size of the hangar (and now the preflight/postflight facility currently under construction) arrives..

i don't think whatever is coming to edwards will arrive this year, maybe not even next year. edwards needs to do some serious construction at SB if it's the B3. i got the impression from rumors i have heard that they need a couple of more big hangars built and even a taxiway to the lakebed end of the runway direct from southbase on a new taxiway. A new taxiway would solve all sorts of airfield flow issues and enhance program security. without the new taxiway the B3 will have to back taxi down the runway from the center taxiway intersection to the departure end.. the other option to get to the departure end from SB is to taxi over to the main base ramp and the taxi east past most of the base population up close and personal - not a good option for a sight sensitive asset.

i don't think the AF is so stupid that they believe they can hide a bomber FSD program so why not just do the FSD at edwards - that's what the B2 did? The FSD program would follow testing of a scaled down B3 prototype at groom for a couple of years to keep it secret for just a bit longer.

on the B2 we didn't have a scaled down prototype but i think there is (or will soon be) one for the B3 - it's northrop tradition to build a scale model before building the real thing. i think the prototype will go to groom and be secret as long as they can keep it that way. i think the new construction at DLR of a preflight/postflight staging area under a roof is to support the prototype testing.

my guess is the the RQ170 has been using the new hangar at Groom but will be soon (if not already) kicked out to make room for the B3 prototype. i suppose the B3 prototype and the rq-170 could co-exist if there is only one prototype B3. if a second prototype is built and deployed to groom the rq-170 would probably have to leave.

you don't need to accuse me of speculation since i will tell you right up front that is what this is. the AF is keeping the real facts very close hold so speculation is all we can do at this point.

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