Road to Tikaboo Peak

Message posted by dave on August 12, 2014 at 11:47:35 PST:

Having just returned from a camping trip on top of Tikaboo Peak I thought I'd update the forum.

The road thru the valley from mile 10-14 (near water tank)is pretty damaged due to recent rains. The road is more of a flood channel now having been washed over pretty good. At one point I thought of turning around but after moving a few large rocks I managed to make it thru and proceed to the top. The rest of the road after mile 15 is as good as it always was. Pleasant drive til the last few miles. The road that goes to the top once your in the tree line is still passable. There is a bit of wear on the road due to the rains but it is still passable.

I'm not sure if Lincoln County will do any maintenance on the road in the future. I made it in a F-150 two wheel drive. It is now a High Clearance vehicle Road!!

Only the daring would do this in a car or I suppose a small SUV type could do it if you have a spotter to get over the rough patches.

Just a FYI


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