Re: New Photos

Message posted by Mark on August 01, 2014 at 18:09:06 PST:

That new hangar on the south end of the taxiway is going to be very large building although I just compared it to the width of the last new big hangar and it appears to be a little narrower. Either is not for the same aircraft or the original hangar was a little larger than required.

The alert/quick launch hangar seems like the most probable explanation but it seems strange that something like that would be based at Groom! Since satellite overflights are very predictable I really don't see the need for a quick hideaway hangar at the end of the runway. Preflight prep would also be a good guess if for some reason it was necessary to do that immediately before takeoff so the quick access was required instead of being able to do it in one of the regular hangers.

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