Re: Japan building its own 5th generation fighter

Message posted by Eagle Scout on June 30, 2014 at 22:03:25 PST:

Interesting article; thanks for the link. We are working with a major Japanese defense contractor on a separate, but related project. The impression we have is that they are developing the ATD-X for political reasons. The Japanese want to be granted access to American LO technology, and they seem to believe that the Americans will be more willing to share if the Japanese demonstrate they are capable of producing their own LO designs.

Maybe that makes sense, but they're in for a disappointment. The upper levels of the DoD made a decision some years back that no LO technology is to be shared with anyone, period. This includes the countries we're selling '35s to. It's making for some awkward and sometimes tense situations for those of us caught in the middle.

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