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Message posted by Wolfbane on February 27, 2002 at 12:24:59 PST:

This is for Wolf; who asked a valid question about is at the alledged "S4" on or near Area 51.

Image jj4.jpg, is part of the Saddle Mountain Test Site, about 5 miles west of the airfield at Groom Lake. This is the mondo-mysterious S4, run by the DoE's Los Alamos National Lab. This is where research and development was conducted on the now canceled Timberwind nuclear rocket-powered (second stage) ABM system under USN funding, an SDI (Star Shield) program. The facilities of the Saddle Mountain Test Site are off Road 700. In the first image, you will note a concrete launch pad for the Timberwind rocket.

In image jj5.jpg, the letter "A" is the launch pad itself. "B" is the spur/roads coming off Road 700.
"C" is the large vertical support building on the launch pad area. "D" is the rocket launch tower.

Image jj6.jpg, "A" the launch pad; "B" is direction of Los Alamos National Lab's Saddle Mountain Test Site facilities; "C" is Road 700; "D" is direction of the airfield at Groom Lake, 5-miles east; "E" Road 700 west, toward Guard Station 700, and the Nevada Test Site; "F" is direction of Papoose Lake, approx. 7-miles south.

There are some earth-covered concrete bunkers at Saddle Mountain Test Site, where nuclear material for the Timberwind R&D program was stored; but there aren't any "hangars built into the side of the mountain range (Papoose). And are not any flying saucers here.



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