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Message posted by Richard on February 26, 2002 at 17:55:55 PST:

They do sometimes daily runs into Mildenhall, just like Tower Air use to with B747's.
Some civil haulers also use REACH as their callsign (the standard AMC callsign) but Atlas tend to use GIANT.

Mildenhall as Gus said has very rare aircraft visit quite frequently.
The Speckled Trout is a regular visitor, based at Edwards AFB, if it doesnt land at Mildenhall it usually refuels overhead northern England enroute to CONUS using a mildenhall based KC135.
It used to be home to the SR-71... which is sadly missed.
Frequent visits of the E-6 TACAMO and E-4B NAOC plus most USAF aircraft visit...or nearby Lakenheath.
There is an E-8C providing cover over the UK at the moment, involved in an exercise, but it is based at Geilenkirchen (NATO E-3 home).
Once Fairford is back up and running properly some of the 'specials' will be going there, including of course the B-2A of which Fairford has a couple of Atmospheric hangers being errected especially for them... plus the frequent B52/B1B deplpyments of which NATO kept Fairford open for. The U-2S has already started using Fairford already (it was based there in the mid-90s).


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