Re: OT - Northrop wins contract to modernize and maintain B-2

Message posted by The Bothan Spy on June 07, 2014 at 22:29:30 PST:

The original statement that 9.9 Billion was a lot of money, "even for B2's"; was the initial argument.
Can the B-2 do things we don't know about? Yes.
Is there wasteful spending, which sometimes is diverted
to other programs? Yes.
Does the military buy the aircraft at cost; with no
other determining factors to raise the price?
Of course not.
I only made the first comment based upon the phrasing of
the initial rebuttal. I wasn't looking any further into
factors that we all know do exist. The first remark was
that it was expensive "even for B2's".
I merely responded by saying:
Based upon the past price. Over 40 Billion, for 20
B2's in the 1990's. Then adding 20 years of inflation;
that 9.9 Billion, over the next 5 years, was not a soild
enough hypothesis to make a claim for wasteful spending in my opinion.
I was only comparing the current price, based on what
we bought them for before; without any of these other
determining factors.
Now if we are going to discuss how much of the price
includes classified abilities for the B2.
Or how much of that is diverted to other projects, then
that is a whole other topic all together.
I agree on both counts that there is enough room to
believe that money could have been allocated to meet both
of these needs.
The first statement that I made was only to say, that
in my opinion; when considering the past price.
Then adding 20 years of inflation, that 9.9 Billion; over
the next 5 years wasn't, a dramatic change in the cost.

The Bothan Spy

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