OT F-35C, Pt. Mugu and Unknow Air Craft

Message posted by Rodeo65 on May 31, 2014 at 20:06:59 PST:

After reading the post on the F-35 hitting 3 milestones, I took a gander at Pt. Mugu NAS just to see what was happening there. I spotted a couple of aircraft sitting on the ramp that I can't identify. They are in gray and black camouflage. I thought that they may be F-4's but the wing sweep doesn't look right. Then I thought about the old F-11F (The look too big) or the old British Hawker Hunter (The fuselage looks too short). So I give up. Any ideas? Here's their loc. 3406'50.83"N 11906'16.20"W


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