Recording on the Dark Web??

Message posted by RickB on May 21, 2014 at 11:31:10 PST:

Lots of very interesting information and "clues" coming together over the last several weeks from different people on various forums. A great article was just posted on Foxtrotalpha called "Confessions of a USAF KC-135 Flying Gas Station Boom Operator". He talks about tanking (secret) aircraft around "The Box" (Area 51) from Edwards based refuelers. He mentions that during the aircraft buildup for the 2003 Gulf War at the Al Udeid AB in Qatar, the Operations Group Commander told the boom operators: "be careful what you say say over the phone, and pay no attention to the black, pointy shaped aircraft and (the) "others" that were coming to the base". These must be the oft-mentioned "companion" or sister aircraft to the F-117's that went to war.

Someone else mentions a recording of F-117 pilots communicating with someone from an "unknown aircraft" also apparently during the Gulf War. This recording is on the web somehere (who this same someone refers to as the "dark web"). What is that? And does anyone know where this recording can be found? Maybe this is old news, I don't know....but lots of new chatter going on right now about KNOWN flying, but still secret black jets.

Seems to me that pieces to various puzzles are slowing coming together: the 20 year gap between the SR-71 retirement and the UAV's we are seeing today; the recent aircraft sightings over Texas and Kansas; the abrubt retirement of the EF-111's in the 1990 (with no real replacement); the sudden retirement of the F-117's (with no real replacement for attack steath); fresh re-examinations of a number of black aircraft projects including the so-called TR-3A, the Northrup Tactical High Altitude Penetrator (a/k/a "THAT"), the General Dynamics Model 100 ("Cold Pigeon"), the later "Sneaky Pete" version of the Model 100 which morphed into the A-12 Avenger (which although publicly cancelled, may have actually been built and housed at China Lake??); the Texas and Kansas mystery aircraft having been spotted shortly after the Avenger lawsuits were settled, etc, etc, etc.

Also see Foxtrotalpha article "So What Were Those Secret Flying Wing Shaped Aircraft Spotted over Texas". Excellent!


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