Re: Why Privet Security ?

Message posted by gary on February 25, 2002 at 13:23:20 PST:

Note that when the send the choppers, we do get to see real military assets and hopefully the tail numbers, which does disclose the owner/operator of the base. I assume the USAF has a cover story why Odgen Air Logstics Center aircraft are roaming around the operation near Groom Lake.

The camo dude license plates are just nondescript government plates, not USAF, though come to think of it the security forces at real USAF bases have the same kind of plate.

Incidentally, having shown unedited camo dude photos to ex-military types, I'm told most of the camo dudes are too old to be in the military. You have to reach a certain rank by a certain age to have a military career. [I don't recall the exact rank and age.] A few snide remarks about Jenny Craig were also made.

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