Re: Boneyard?? near White Sands New Mexico

Message posted by RickB on May 04, 2014 at 13:01:25 PST:

No not there. I am very familiar with everything military in AZ (D.M. AFB, the Boneyard, Pima, Luke, Williams, Tuscon Air Guard, Phoenix Air Guard, Gila Bend, Goldwater, Yuma, etc. etc. etc.) as I have lots of family there and have been traveling all over AZ for most of my 56 years. I have spent many a day filming around the perimeters of most of these bases and have a library full of my personal VHS videos, Luke and Yuma in particular. Looking forward to getting some more film at both of these bases soon as the F-35 ramps up. Filmed a couple of F-35's under their canopy's at Yuma a few months ago, but unfortunately didn't get to see any in flight.

The word 'boneyard" I used for this spot in NM was not the right word. But it was a spot where there were at least a dozen or more fighter jets and other military equipment that looked like some kind of outdoor storage area. Again, it was somewhere north of the Alamogordo, Holloman, White Sands areas. For some reason I feel like it was at a location about halfway between WSMR and Kirtland/Albuquerque, and maybe near or north of Trinity.

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