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From what I've gathered, there are multiple locations on-base and off-base, that these technology demonstrators and classified once-projects, are stored.

Airframes that were developed under a certain contractor or 'team' of contractors, are stored in separate hangars and locations, than where other projects by other contractors/teams, are stored. Unless said airframe(s) had been seen or involved in a multi-contractor/team project(s), then they are to remain behind closed doors separate from the other contractors/teams.

The compartmentalization of such projects and past proposals, still remains long after completion or air trials.. Unless, of course, further development of a technology(ies) or system(s) for an airframe, require another 'competitors' resources and integration into said program, then the compartmentalization amongst competitors, remains for specific still classified areas of a given program, even well after an aircraft's formal declassification and nudge to the public of it's existence.

These classified birds and programs of yesteryear, are stored at different sites, as I touched on above. Four separate areas at Groom, multiple hangars at Tonopah, several at Palmdale, one or two at Wright-Patterson and White Sands, and of course, one or two other rumored hangars at an undisclosed AFB in northern California.

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