traveling and need serious help

Message posted by mzphreak on February 23, 2002 at 20:59:08 PST:

Hello, I am going to be traveling from Las Vegas to Roswell NewMexico and wanted to stop at Groom Lake Rd and also Stop and stay in Rachael.
Can someone please tell me in what order each of these places come comming from Vegas? Will I first go to Groom Lake Rd on the ET highway then keep driving on it and end up in Rachael? Then how do I get to Roswell? and where does Groom lake come? Before Rachael?
Can soomeone please take the time to help me with this information and possibly provide me with driving directions- and distances between these places (in hours)for I am confused. Please someone help me.
Thank you so much. Please email me at:


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