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The fence you saw in the YouTube video was probably for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Nellis also has a fence line to the north of the base but you may be challenged by the USAF air police if you park on the Nellis side of the road. This has only happened to me once. He just told me to move across the street (Las Vegas Blvd) and then I wasn't his problem. On any given day there are usually a few plane spotters parked at the numerous gates into the speedway.

The two runways at Nellis run north / south(ish). Runways 03 left and right (north departure) are usually used for the launch of aircraft and then they flip to 21 left and right for the recovery. The speedway would be the best place to view the launch and recovery if the winds allow the use of these runways. However sometimes they use the opposite for launch and recovery. They will take off to the south. If this is the case, go to the intersection of Nellis Blvd and Cheyenne Avenue. Drive down Cheyenne a bit and they'll fly right over you head!

As for the no scanner, just keep an eye out for a Green Flag NOTAM. The ICAO identifier for Nellis AFB is KLSV.

I hope this helps...

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