Re: Supersonic bomber revival

Message posted by gary on February 23, 2002 at 15:18:58 PST:

Looking at the shape of this plane, if you assume from a distance that the tail could not be seen, this plane might be related to the "flying video casette" that some have seen. [Think about my FA18D photo where I did the impossible, managing to get only one tail in the photo. From a distance, this thing would look boxy.]

As John alluded too regarding turning a sonic boom into just a rumble, there have been reports of very loud deep rumble sounds coming from the base. Some have heard the sound from the front gate, while I heard it from the codeword "catcus" point near Cedar Pass Road. It didn't last long, perhaps 30 seconds.

On a related note, Northrup is making a hostile takeover bid for TRW. TRW is crying foul, but lets not forget the did the same to ESL.

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