Re: F35B further delays

Message posted by Gimbal on March 27, 2014 at 4:45:31 PST:

Undoubtedly the F35 is going to be an amazing piece of kit and it is great thinking to share the core design across three platforms but these glitches are tarnishing the project. To see our Royal Navy and Air Force flying a stealthy high tech aircraft will be a great moment the Typhoon is a very capable aircraft and much loved by those that fly it but when it get's to the top of its game the F35 will be unbeatable.
Talk on this thread about technology vs quantity in my view you need both depending on the task in front of you, for instance (RAF/RN) a small number of F35's coordinating and Typhoons and UCAV's would be a potent mix. When the USSR saw F117's dropping bombs down ventilation shafts and flying through Hanger doors it more or less killed off the Cold War at the same time. Technology in the form of Cruise Missiles, Stand Off Weapons, LGB's etc. means pilots are at less risk of being shot down RAF Tornado's conducting low level bombing run's could be picked of by pretty simple methods. Smart weapons also reduce the risk of collateral damage which has got to be a good thing.

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