Re: F35B further delays

Message posted by Mark on March 26, 2014 at 19:20:32 PST:

It's certainly not intended to be anything like the F-22 in terms of sales and originally its intent was to be a low-cost alternative which hasn't proven to be true. The F-22 by law cannot be sold to any other country, even allies and the US orders have been cut drastically from the original plan. The F-35 is planned to be more like the F-16 in terms of international sales and orders. Its original plan was also to be produced in the numbers like the F-16 but because of the escalating costs the plan has been reduced! Its mission is also very comparable to the F-16 was the only major difference being that it has stealth technology. With the exception of the Phantom has never been any US aircraft that was used effectively by 2 or more services hit the F-35 is supposed to perform for 3 services including VTOL needs of the Marine Corps which only one plane has ever performed.

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