Re: F35B further delays

Message posted by Eagle Scout on March 26, 2014 at 8:57:27 PST:

I knew if I stayed here long enough, you and I would agree on something. ;-)

But, a couple of points:
1. Insufficient oversight does not _cause_ mismanagement. Remember Lee Ermey's line in Full Metal Jacket, "If is wasn't for d**kheads like you there wouldn't be any thievery in this world"? We all laughed at that because it's nonsense. Thieves cause thievery, not unlocked footlockers.
2. Since Eisenhower, the US and the West in general have pursued the doctrine that quality beats quantity. And it's worked pretty damn well for us. (It's worked pretty damn well for the contractors too, but that's another issue.) Yet every time we look at the charts with a few blue airplane, tank, & ship icons on one side and hoards & hoards of red ones on the other side, we freak out. We _can_ change our doctrine and put out huge numbers of cheap expendable weapons for our cheap expendable people, if we really think their way is better. I don't think their way is better.

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