Long Lost Cousin

Message posted by LongLostCousin on March 08, 2014 at 21:12:13 PST:

Hmmm is there an employee list of those in Dreamland Resort?? I have a cousin that "Committed suicide" but there was no death certificate, no services, no gravesite and the relatives are now distant in nature. His name which is unusual as it is (Like, really really odd) is listed with his sister and his correct age (as if hes still living) in the city I knew him in AND as if he is living in Lund, NV. Im curious if he may be associated with this or some other military installation...need to know...my soul wont let me rest until I get answers about my family. When my grandmother died, father 3 months later and then my cousin 3 months later....now my mom died and cant help me put back the pieces.....need to know. Help?


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