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Message posted by greatguess on March 03, 2014 at 10:10:01 PST:

i was fortunate enough to witness both of these (B1 and C5) incidents in person. the B1 event was quite dramatic as it occurred late in the afternoon and the lighting was really nice for photography. it landed fairly close to the west edge of the lakebed so it was quite close in to viewers. i viewed it from just east of the B2 compound on the lakeshore. the landing and "grind" out (vice "rollout") was way a way better show than anything at the airshow that year.

the C5 incident was less dramatic due to the skill of the pilot; he kept the nose up "forever" after touchdown. the plane, as i recall, landed on lakebed runway 30 which meant it was "head on" to much of the base population on contractor row. the best viewing angle for that event was from "last chance" for runway 24 or from NASA; those two perspecives gave best side view of the event. it also landed quite far out onto the lakebed so you needed vision aiding equipment to see it best.


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