Bugatti100p will finally get to fly

Message posted by Gimbal on February 28, 2014 at 2:20:18 PST:

This remarkable aircraft is set to fly, mothballed since the start of WWII when it was hidden from the invading Nazi's. With a top speed of 500 mph had the Germans got hold of it and used it's highly advanced technology it would have tilted the balance of the Battle of Britain in their favour and Britain would have been occupied.
I once visited the Williams Team Formula 1 factory the Chief Designer had several models of top jet fighters around him I asked was he an aircraft enthusiast he explained that they worked closely with aerospace companies sharing ideas. Their car was looking for maximum down force and the aircraft guys maximum lift so take an aircraft turn it upside down and you have the basic body shape for an F1 car and vice versa. Bugatti clearly saw this way before anyone else did. I hope to see this plane fly at one of our airshows here in the UK this year. What I find of particular interest is the tail design this is well and truly way ahead of it's time and would have been quite stealthy.

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