capstone observation

Message posted by gary on February 22, 2002 at 13:41:54 PST:

I did a little research last evening on Capstone and found refers to Point Bravo road. The nellis document I found in the google cache had a link to a map to get to the capstone event, but unfortunately the map was not cached. However, there was a description to find the road, namely turn right when you see the prison on your left. With that in mind, I checked my CDROM map and found "Point B" on a road in that area. [Duh!]

The road to Capstone is found at N36 32 04.9 W115 33 58.1. There are several dirt roads nearby, but you can be sure when an event is going to be held, some sort of security will be present.

Given the location of Point Bravo Road, the bombing will most likely be in the valley between two pretty high mountains. If this is the case, viewing from the highway should be possible. The valley floor ranges from 3050ft to 3120ft, while the highway is at 3173ft.

I think a plan would be to take the road at N36 31 21.9 W115 32 58.7 (west of highway 95). Taking this road about 1.4 miles (assuming you can) will put you at 3445 ft.

I don't know the location in the valley where the bomb, but I'm guessing it is 5 to 6 miles from the highway. We were on Tikaboo one night when the bombed the range, and could see the mountains backlit from 50 miles away. No sound, just light.

I'm going to investigate the Desert National Wildlift Refuge to see where their border ends. There may be closer observation points there.


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