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Message posted by Gordy on February 14, 2014 at 10:59:51 PST:

The company specializes in developing airborne communications technology for military and surveillance operations. If I was trying to be clandestine, that isn't where I would put my eggs.

It's my understanding that the sell of this aircraft occurred without it being advertised on the market. In other words, word of mouth. It makes sense that it would end up with a company that does business with the CIA/NSA, etc. Kinda like "Hey, if you ever decide to sell this plane, let us know, we're lookin'".

Now, really, after being called the "Torture Plane", don't you think they could afford to pay the 10 bucks for an N number change if that really compromised their mission?

While I agree that L-3's business has it's sensitive aspects, I would suspect the secrecy is more related to intellectual property and protecting corporate interests from competitors. But hey, let your imagination wander. Far be it from me to rain on the parade.

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