Re: TTR/Sandia/Groom Patches

Message posted by Tim Hendrix on February 08, 2014 at 8:57:09 PST:

As Peter points out, patches are worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Iíve certainly paid more than true value for some and have sold a few originals for way more than they should have been worth. Iíve literally had people dog me for months via email begging for me to part with this item or that. But I have to say the items with the most value for me are the ones Iíve obtained through trades or received from others at little or no cost. I still have a few items I received in the Ď80ís that I will never part with. I roomed with some pilots for Key in the mid to late Ď80ís and they provided me some really nice stuff in trade for the occasional case of beer or bottle of scotch. I had a co-worker that was stationed at Tonopah and he gave me a ton of stuff for free. The truth is your collection is worth whatever itís worth to you. Iíve had mine appraised and insured for many years but should anything happen Iíd likely get a fraction of what the collection is worth to me.

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