Re: TTR/Sandia/Groom Patches

Message posted by Peter Merlin on February 07, 2014 at 19:48:55 PST:

Patches are worth whatever an individual is willing to pay for them. Otherwise, they have no intrinsic value.

Some people pay stupid money (sometimes hundreds of dollars) for a patch - even for a cheap mass-produced reproduction - in bidding wars on eBay. Idiots.

There is a web site for people who collect space memorabilia. They have a discussion board like this one. As a collector of space memorabilia myself since 1973, I often read the messages, but I have never joined the board. If you wonder why not, it's because a large percentage of messages are along these lines:

"I have a [item] autographed by [astronaut name]. How much do you think it's worth?"

"My uncle worked for NASA in the 1960s and left me his collection of [patches, artifacts, models, autographed photos, etc.]. Is there any way to authenticate them and appraise their value?"

"I worked on the space shuttle program and received official patches for every mission. What are they worth?"

These questions always leave me cold, and thoroughly sap my desire to join with my supposed space collector brethren. I love to collect space (and Area 51) memorabilia. I love to trade, and I'm willing to pay a fair price. But, I just can't look at every item and see a price tag.

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