Re: Stealth-Augmented F-15 tested at Groom?

Message posted by Eagle Scout on January 16, 2014 at 14:20:52 PST:

I'd be very surprised if this or any other corporate-funded R&D project was ever allowed to make use of Groom facilities. The "Silent Eagle" F-15 prototype was certainly tested at the PhantomWorks facility in St. Louis--see link below. No direct knowledge, but I suppose it may also have done dynamic RCS testing at the Navy's Atlantic ranges. The Atlantic ranges have RCS measurement capabilities comparable to Groom, but nothing approaching Groom's intense physical security. The Navy does make their facilities available to commercial and military customers outside the Navy. And as long as there's this alternative, it'd be hard to persuade the Air Force that access to Groom was necessary.

Anyone ever heard of non-DOD or CIA projects at Groom?

Attached link: Boeing PhantomWorks RCS facility

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